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There’s never been a better time to go solar.

The landscape of choices and benefits for electing to go solar continues to evolve rapidly. With solid, time-tested technology available and unprecedented federal and state incentives in place, the best time to go solar is now!

Federal tax credit of 30% of installed cost

You receive this credit off of your bottom line taxes owed.

Reduced after 2032

pay no sales tax

All equipment and labor is sales tax exempt

 accelerated depreciation

You receive a five-year accelerated depreciation for all commercial installations from the IRS.

No expiration.

net metering

This is your savings for generating your own electricity and not having to buy it from the utility. The value increases over time as electricity rates go up.

No expiration.

increased home and building value

Homes and commercial buildings with solar sell faster and for more. Studies show that home value increases significantly with solar and we’ve seen that to be true for our clients. You’re not only saving on your monthly bill, but adding a valuable asset to your home.