the Ecotech advantage

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As Whatcom County’s first solar contractor, Ecotech has been installing panels for over a decade. Ecotech has successfully completed hundreds of installations for residences, businesses, and a wide variety of specialty applications.

From Ecotech’s origins, the company has been guided by these core principals:

expertise makes the difference

Not all installations are equal. Where some companies affix panels onto a roof and call it good, Ecotech invests the time to develop a customized design resulting in maximum power generation from your installation.  How will nearby tree shadows track across your roof in the spring? That chimney? Do nine solar panels or ten create the optimum voltage window to keep the series string from being impacted by that shading? A detailed analysis of these types of variables and more ensures your site delivers maximum performance.

treating people well is good business

Ecotech builds for the long term by creating a work culture based on respect for the individual, family first, and a pursuit of excellence in all things.  Ecotech will never surprise you with additional project costs or change orders. They’ll work around your toddler’s nap schedule, and they won’t consider a job complete until you’re happy. Ecotech is committed to treating you with fairness and creating a positive experience for you, every step of the way.

investing in the technology, investing in the community

Ecotech was installing panels at a time when many people were scratching their heads about solar power working here in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Times have changed. Ecotech has been a driving force in our community’s transition to solar power, ensuring that the best solar technology is available for your household as you embark on the journey of going solar.