Dana Brandt


After traveling extensively and completing a Master of Science degree in Renewable Energy in Europe, Dana returned home to Whatcom County to put down roots of his own. Dana founded Ecotech in 2004 as Whatcom County’s first solar PV contractor. His training as an electrical engineer, his work in off-grid and AC microgrid technology, years of international solar design, and his teaching and consulting experience have made Dana a leader in the field of renewables. Dana has a deep appreciation for the people and landscape that make this area so special. He is passionate about using his background in renewables to build a healthier, more sustainable community. Dana and his wife Amy love exploring, whether it’s other cultures and international foods or discovering new corners of the Pacific Northwest with their two young boys..

Ty Chang


If you’ve signed up for a solar evaluation, ​you’ll likely get to meet ​Ty.  ​He will come out to evaluate your home and explain how solar PV systems and the incentives work. Ty’s low-pressure, personable approach​​​ brings together his solar training, background in social work, and technical aptitude when exploring the possibilities of solar with you. He is dedicated to designing systems that provide the highest level of performance and reliability. When ​he’s not assessing a roof ​​​​for solar or designing PV systems, Ty can be found tinkering ​on a motorcycle in his garage or out riding backroads with his wife Nicole.​ Ty also serves on the Board of Directors for Work Opportunities and volunteers with programs that serve people experiencing homelessness.

Andy Davis


A native Australian, Andy met his now-wife while volunteering in Mexico and followed her to Bellingham (thank you Alaina!). Andy has a Civil Engineering degree and brings several years of install experience to the team, as well as a passion for being a part of the hands-on implementation of sustainable technology in our community. Andy is stoked to have a backyard like the Pacific Northwest to explore and enjoys refining his already well-refined tastes for fine coffee and good music, preferably at the same time.

Libby Chartier


If you call or visit us at the Ecotech office, Libby will likely be the first to greet you. Libby is a gifted administrator; her detail orientation and coordination skills ensure that things run smoothly both in the field and at the Ecotech office. From the Pacific Northwest originally, Libby returned to Whatcom County in 2015 after several years of living in Colorado and overseas. Chances are good that if Libby’s not orchestrating events at Ecotech, she and her husband can be found working on their cute craftsman home just north of Bellingham.

Riley Clark


Originally from New Hampshire, Riley has done some serious traveling in his days—including a 3-year stint in Mexico working in coral reef conservation as a Fulbright Scholar—and  is glad to have called Bellingham home for the past two years. Riley comes to us from Itek Energy, where he was the Sales Account Manager for Washington State. At Ecotech, he manages project scheduling, equipment procurement, and helps direct marketing efforts. In his free time, Riley loves backpacking and hiking with his wonderful wife Liz and following local birding tips that only sometimes lead to a discovery. He is co-president of the board of Camp D&D Peru, which helps build sustainable and thriving communities in and around Lima.

Pete Day


In addition to designing solar systems Pete handles our project scheduling and equipment purchasing. Pete returned to the Pacific Northwest in 2011 after several years traveling and living abroad, including an exciting stint working with a medical NGO in West Africa. His experience in the trades and background in project management and logistics make him an excellent fit. Pete loves the quality of life and outdoor opportunities we have in Bellingham and is passionate about Ecotech’s role in building a healthy local community. When not working on his Birchwood homestead, Pete can likely to be found playing outside with his wife and two young boys or skiing something in the Cascades.

Nick DeSautels


Prior to joining Ecotech in September of 2017, Nick worked for the University of Oregon’s Zero Waste Recycling program in Eugene. Becoming a member of Ecotech’s install team was a natural transition for Nick, who is a strong believer in promoting green, sustainable living. As an installer, he cherishes both the exercise and beautiful Bellingham-area views of flora and fauna that his rooftop office affords. Nick seldom leaves behind his binoculars, which he’s been known to use on lunch breaks to spot local birds that call Whatcom County home. As a proud Chamorro—meaning he’s a native of Guam—Nick possesses an infectious enthusiasm for his roots. We are excited to have Nick’s hard-working and full-of-surprises personality on board and may one day even say yes to a bite of his turkey-flavored vegan jerky.

Carly Gilliland


Hailing from Redmond, WA, Carly has an awesome solar track record that includes a degree in Energy Policy from Western Washington University; a college internship with the WA State Energy Office; and as an assembler at Itek Energy. At Ecotech, Carly’s project management, admin, and PV design skills all help clients smoothly and effectively transition to clean energy sovereignty. She’s also a big fan of Ecotech’s support of local organizations like RE Sources for Sustainable Communities, which will benefit from a donated solar array thanks to their partnership in a recent ‘WA Goes Solar Campaign.’ Bellingham is the perfect work setting for Carly, where she enjoys the area’s endless supply of natural beauty, relationships with people who care about each other and the world, and great beer.

Robert Harvey


As a native Washingtonian, Robert has a serious appreciation for our state’s natural resources along with a resume that puts his passion for stewardship into focus. He holds an environmental science degree from Western Washington University and his experience includes working for the City of Bellingham as an Aquatic Invasive Species Inspector and as an Environmental Technician for the Northwest Straits Commission. As a member of our install crew, he’s looking forward to advancing our community’s progress in transferring away from finite energy sources to renewable ones. Robert has solid problem-solving skills and experience working through complex environmental problems, making him a natural fit on our team given our culture of ensuring that each and every aspect of an install is considered. He’s also pretty water-resistant, and doesn’t miss a beat on the rainy installation days. For the last 4 years, he’s managed to log a swim in a lake, river, or bay every month of the year.

John Wilkins


An original member of the Ecotech team, John’s experience in solar goes back to Utah in the mid-1980s, when he helped his father install solar hot water systems as part of the family business. John’s veteran leadership and deep understanding of the mechanics of solar are invaluable to the team. In 2014 John took lead in an off-grid solar project at an orphanage in Haiti (see our portfolio for some photos from this adventure). John is passionate about building a more sustainable community and particularly enjoys the role Ecotech plays as a small, locally-owned business. When not installing solar, John can be found ski patrolling at the Mt. Baker Ski Area or in the middle of a fun outdoor adventure with his wife and three kids.

Lauren Perler


Lauren’s strong work ethic and relentlessly positive attitude quickly made her a key part of the Ecotech field crew. After earning a degree in Environmental Science from Washington State University, Lauren served in West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer providing training on sustainable agriculture techniques. Lauren is an avid snowboarder, and has done her time as a lifty at Hood Meadows and Mt Baker Ski Area. We’re thankful to have Lauren on the team!

Yonk Reinemer


Prior to joining the Ecotech team, Yonk completed coursework and on-site training in solar PV design and installation at Solar Energy International’s renowned training and certification campus in Paonia, CO. Yonk has a masters degree in teaching and spent several years teaching high school science in Washington State public schools, before transitioning to the renewable energy field. He has enjoyed applying his scientific curiosity and love of people to a new career in renewables. Yonk carries a journeyman electrician card and is a regular improv comedy instructor and performer at the Upfront Theatre in Bellingham.

Evan Day


Born and raised in the pacific northwest, Evan is stoked to be playing a part in helping families in our community move toward more sustainable energy solutions. Evan brings years of solar install experience to the team and a sound understanding of the mechanical elements of roof attachments and mounting options for solar. When not exercising his green thumb in the garden, Evan is always up for an outdoor adventure–the bigger the views, the better!