Dana Brandt

OWNER, FOUNDER | with Ecotech since the beginning

After traveling extensively and completing a Master of Science degree in Renewable Energy in Europe, Dana returned home to Whatcom County to put down roots of his own. Dana founded Ecotech in 2004 as Whatcom County’s first solar PV contractor. His training as an electrical engineer, his work in off-grid and AC microgrid technology, years of international solar design, and his teaching and consulting experience have made Dana a leader in the field of renewables. Dana has a deep appreciation for the people and landscape that make this area so special. He is passionate about using his background in renewables to build a healthier, more sustainable community. Dana and his wife Amy love exploring, whether it’s other cultures and international foods or discovering new corners of the Pacific Northwest with their two young boys.

Owen Brands

PV INSTALLER | with Ecotech since 2023

Before Ecotech, Owen worked in construction, and also held a position as an electrical apprentice. He has experience working with and understanding electrical systems, and transitioned to solar to secure a future in a clean industry that is growing in leaps and bounds. Bellingham is Owen’s home- he was born and raised here, and hasn’t yet grown tired of the area’s amazing views of the bay and islands, which can be enjoyed at sunset after a day of shredding a world-class mountain. As you may have gleaned from the previous sentence, Owen snowboards in his spare time, but also likes to camp, listen to music, work on his camper van, and make art. He has aspirations to become an artist full time, but for now is happy to be a part of Ecotech, where he feels supported by the constructive and knowledgeable community that we’ve created over the years. Owen’s great attitude and attention to detail are a fantastic addition to our professional culture here. We’re very much looking forward to seeing him develop into a full-blown solar PV installation professional.

Elodie Cerauskis

PROJECT COORDINATOR | with Ecotech since 2024

When we asked Elodie to describe the unique skills she brings to the table, her response was: “waste nerd, French guru, sauté master.” Waste nerd because she started off in the waste industry as an AmeriCorps VISTA member for the Food Recovery Program at Sustainable Connections (and then transitioned to her pre-Ecotech role there as an Energy and Green Building Program Assistant). French guru because she is French-American and is a connoisseur of all things français. And we have yet to witness Elodie the “sauté master,” but are looking forward to seeing how it will pan out. As Project Coordinator at Ecotech, Elodie is responsible for both fine and big-picture details relating to our installation schedule and customer communications. Empowering our local communities and being a good neighbor are two main motivators for Elodie. Our project team is excited to have her experience and joie de vivre on board as our yearly calendar expands and as we continue to raise the bar for customer experience each and every year.

Ty Chang

SALES MANAGER | with Ecotech since 2015

If you’ve signed up for a solar PV system in the last eight years, there’s a good chance you’ve met Ty. He’s walked hundreds of local families and businesses through the PV system design process with his deep technical knowledge of PV, and signature low-pressure, personable approach. Ty leans into his broad design experience and gift for personnel development to lead our Sales & Design team. When not researching new tech or ‘unstucking’ designers, Ty is likely on his motorcycle scouting forest service roads to find the perfect backcountry campsite or dreaming up the next adventure with his wife and two boys.​ Ty also serves on the Board of Directors for Work Opportunities and is passionate about their work building inclusive communities.

Libby Chartier

HR & FINANCE ADMINISTRATOR | with Ecotech since 2015

Libby is a gifted administrator, and her detail orientation and coordination skills are put to great use in taking care of both our customers and the Ecotech team. She’s filled many admin roles in her years with Ecotech, and has loved being a part of every aspect of a solar project from the initial phone conversation to installation (at least from the office side–you won’t see her on a roof, if she can help it). From the Pacific Northwest originally, Libby returned to Whatcom County in 2015 after several years of living in Colorado and overseas. When not taking care of business at Ecotech, she and her husband can be found romping through local parks, throwing rocks at the beach, or working and playing in the back yard with their sweet kiddos.

Riley Clark


Riley was originally hired-on as Ecotech’s project manager in 2018, and has since stepped into a hybrid role that focuses on procurement, as well as some niche design & sales work. He came to us from Itek Energy, where he held the role of Sales Account Manager. During his tenure at Itek, Riley rubbed shoulders with enough Ecotech staff to realize that it was a perfect fit for his environmental passion and skillset to thrive. As Ecotech’s first employee from the Granite State (our NH staff count is now at three!), Riley loves spending time outdoors, as well as the wonderful community–both environmental and recreational–that we have all built in Bellingham. In his free time, Riley loves spending time with his wonderful wife and daughters, and following local birding tips that only sometimes lead to a sighting. He is on the board of directors of Camp D&D Peru, which is a Peru-based non-profit that helps build sustainable and thriving communities in and around Lima. Lastly, if you ever want to talk about the joys of maple syrup, or to hear a legitimate New Hampshire / Maine accent, Riley is your guy.

Evan Day

ELECTRICIAN, SITE LEAD | with Ecotech since 2019

Born and raised in the pacific northwest, Evan is stoked to be playing a part in helping families in our community move toward more sustainable energy options. Evan brings years of solar install experience to the team and a broad understanding of all the electrical and mechanical aspects of solar PV. We’re privileged to have Evan’s veteran leadership, his calm presence, and his infatiguable sense of humor on the team. Evan has not one, but two green thumbs and he and his partner have (unofficially) the two cutest munchkins on the Ecotech kid squad.

Pete Day

GENERAL MANAGER | with Ecotech since 2013

A 10+ year solar industry veteran, Pete brings his small business and trades experience to bear in his role as General Manager. He’s an adept facilitator with an eye for process and a love of people. Originally from Orcas Island, Pete is a Puget Sound native who returned to Bellingham in 2011 after some years spent living and traveling around the world…including a stint working with a medical NGO in West Africa. He’s passionate about Ecotech’s role in building a healthy local economy, and–along with his partner–can reliably be found chasing their two boys down local mountains (usually on bikes or skis).

Nick Borja

ELECTRICIAN, SITE LEAD | with Ecotech since 2017

Prior to joining Ecotech in September of 2017, Nick worked for the University of Oregon’s Zero Waste Recycling program in Eugene. Becoming a member of Ecotech’s install team was a natural transition for Nick, who is a strong believer in promoting green, sustainable living. As a Site Lead, he cherishes both the exercise and beautiful Bellingham-area views of flora and fauna that his rooftop office affords. Nick can most often be seen shadowed by his pup, Finn, who has logged more hours on site than some of the other “young pups” on the team. As a proud Chamorro—meaning he’s a native of Guam—Nick possesses an infectious enthusiasm for his roots. We are excited to have Nick’s hard-working and full-of-surprises personality on board and look forward to the next time he brings his “Hot Ones” hot sauces to the office.

Noah Didehbani

PV INSTALLER | with Ecotech since 2021

All of our employees bring positive energy to the workplace on a daily basis, and Noah, in particular, has a special gift for bringing the stoke and enthusiasm. If you don’t meet Noah onsite, you’ll probably see him at Cornwall Park playing pickleball or frisbee golf, or skiing at Mt. Baker with his partner. Noah also volunteers as a soccer coach at our local Y for 5- and 6-year-olds, and is looking forward to turning his team “into rec league champions.” He moved to Whatcom County from New Hampshire to attend WWU, and has been here since. Noah “constantly feels humbled by this area and feels lucky to be here,” and we feel lucky to have Noah. He’s here to gain experience in the renewable technology sector and to help families reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, and he’s quickly becoming a skilled and respected member of our install crew. 

Pete Gibson

OPERATIONS MANAGER | with Ecotech since 2023

Pete is a ‘Great Mitten State’ transplant (i.e. he’s from Michigan) with a pretty unique professional background. Before Ecotech, Pete worked for Mortenson leading engineering teams across the US in deploying utility-size solar power plants. These are the football-sized fields of solar panels that you see on the news, or in a chance encounter when flying above them on a plane. While leading teams in the deployment of these behemoth projects was awesome, Pete came to us looking for something more locally focused and connected to the community. Pete loves the empowerment that Ecotech’s local PV installs provide to local families and businesses alike. Managing Ecotech’s operations with the mission to be good neighbors within our local community, and to spread good energy within the Ecotech office and abroad makes it even more personal for Pete. He likes to spend his free time with his dog Ishmael (yes, named after the book) in the great outdoors of our awesome state. Since we’re in Bellingham, you’d be right to assume that Pete is a bike rider (partaking in both the non-motorized, and the “brap brap” disciplines). According to Pete, “four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.”

Erik Gulda

PV INSTALLER | with Ecotech since 2022

We really like Erik’s response to “Why did you choose to work in solar?” To paraphrase, Erik is here because “you need to be the change you want to see.” Erik previously installed solar in Michigan, so brings a proven skillset and fresh perspectives to the table, as well as a great attitude and long reach on the roof (he shares the title of Ecotech’s tallest installer). He graduated from Northern Michigan university with a degree in history and environmental science, and has worked both as a wildland firefighter, and as a glazier. He’s also a verified audiophile, and doesn’t hesitate to serenade the crew with his favorite hits from the early 2000s when he’s on the job. On that note, our field crew is always happy to take music requests as they install your system!

Robert Harvey

ELECTRICIAN, SITE LEAD | with Ecotech since 2018

As a native Washingtonian, Robert has a serious appreciation for our state’s natural resources along with a resume that puts his passion for stewardship into focus. He has a BS in environmental science from Western Washington University and, after college, Robert worked for the City of Bellingham as an Aquatic Invasive Species Inspector and as an Environmental Technician for the Northwest Straits Commission. Robert has solid problem-solving skills and experience working through complex environmental problems–tools that translate well to installing solar, as we strive to ensure that every aspect of an install is well thought out and executed. When not on a roof, Robert can be found taking laps on the Shuksan arm or scoping the surf breaks on the Olympic Peninsula.

Jens Krosby

PV INSTALLER | with Ecotech since 2022

Jens (pronounced “Yens”) is originally from New Mexico, and brings a tenacious work ethic, a commitment to the craft, and a keen sense of fashion to the team. He grew up skiing Taos, so he has some skills riding the steeps (as well as an ability to ski on rocks barely covered by snow). Naturally, Jens loves taking advantage of all Mt. Baker has to offer once the white stuff starts to fall. Jens came to Bellingham to attend WWU, earning a BA in Environmental Policy. He doesn’t just bring a smile to our face on a daily basis; he is also a goal-oriented installer who finds great satisfaction in building tangible things–including solar arrays–that make the world a better place. 

Matt Motylewski

PV INSTALLER | with Ecotech since 2022

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Matt in his previous capacity as an employment specialist at Work Opportunities, where he provided excellent support to one of our employees who helps keep our office clean on a weekly basis. Matt originally came to Bellingham to join the WWU men’s rugby team, so he’s got some serious durability, which really comes in handy when working long days in the field. Matt is a hard-working person who shows up every day with a great attitude and a genuine desire to learn and perfect the skilled trade of solar PV installation. In his spare time, you can find him biking, spending time outdoors with his partner, or hiking with his furry friends Kuma and Flapjack.

Rufus Muckala

SERVICE MANAGER | with Ecotech since 2021

Every company has a ‘swiss army knife’ employee, and we think we may have gotten the sharpest one in the bunch when we hired Rufus. Armed with a strong technical background and can-do attitude, Rufus has been a remarkably quick study on the ins and outs of solar technology and has taken our service team to the next level in terms of efficiency, resolution time, and organization. He continues to engineer and implement process improvements that make Ecotech a well-oiled machine. Rufus and his partner have done some serious globetrotting, and are now on the greatest adventure of all – parenting their adorable twins!

Beckett Nasvik-Dykhouse

PV INSTALLER | with Ecotech since 2023

Before joining Ecotech, Beckett worked in outdoor education leading wilderness expeditions for kids 12-18 years of age through the YMCA in northern Minnesota. These trips ranged from short overnights in the Boundary Waters to 48-day voyages in the Brooks Range in Alaska. After graduating with a degree in physics from Middlebury College in Vermont, Beckett interned at Canyon bicycles, and enjoyed a brief stint working at a local bike and ski shop and teaching nordic skiing back home in Idaho before his work with the YMCA. Speaking of Idaho, Beckett grew up off-grid in a very remote homestead that was powered by a finicky solar PV inverter that required the vacuum to be run in order for the washing machine to work (also, the microwave would turn off all the home’s lights!). Ecotech seemed like a great fit for Beckett (despite the fact that we traditionally don’t take-on off-grid work), given our focus on teaching and learning on the job. Additionally, Beckett felt connected to the human focus of our team and, suffice it to say, we felt the same flow from Beckett, and are excited to see him excel as part of our installation team. Footnote: if you see Beckett on a jobsite, ask to see a photo of his childhood home. It’s almost unbelievable!

Sean Obuchowski

PV INSTALLER | with Ecotech since 2023

Sean came to Bellingham by way of Massachusetts, Europe, and Colorado (in that order). His last job was at a small solar company on the east coast, but before that, he spent a few years living in Europe, working for an NGO that was supporting refugees. A common theme in almost all of Ecotech employees’ backgrounds is that Bellingham seems to be a really neat place to live, recreate, and work. In this spirit, Sean and his partner came to Bellingham for its hard-to-beat combination of mountains and sea. We’re happy to have his experience and prominent beard onboard with us at Ecotech. He has always been interested in sustainable technologies, and sees solar in the forefront of the broader movement towards a renewable future. He’s also excited to be part of an industry that empowers people to make great long term investments in sustainable energy that directly benefit them.

Lauren Perler

WAREHOUSE & INVENTORY SPECIALIST | with Ecotech since 2019

Lauren’s strong work ethic and relentlessly positive attitude quickly made her a key part of the Ecotech team. After earning a degree in Environmental Science from Washington State University, Lauren served in West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer providing training on sustainable agriculture techniques. Siri, Lauren’s pup, found her in West Africa, made the journey home with her, and has subsequently become a part of the Ecotech family. Lauren is an avid snowboarder, and has done her time as a lifty at Hood Meadows and Mt Baker Ski Area (much respect!). Having worked in the field as a PV Installer for several years, Lauren now flexes her organization and efficiency chops in the Ecotech warehouse. We’re grateful to have Lauren on the team!

Jack Pflueger

PV DESIGNER | with Ecotech since 2022

Jack grew up in Bay City, WI, and came to Bellingham to attend WWU. After graduating, he moved to San Diego and started working in the solar industry in a project management capacity before moving back to Bellingham in 2014 to start a brewery (take a bow, Jack). Jack officially restarted his career in solar with us in 2022 and has high hopes for solar plus storage impacting how we handle energy needs as a community. When we asked Jack about a solar project that stands out as particularly memorable or fun, his answer was, “The one I’m currently working on.” With a BS in Industrial Design, he’s in his element when applying problem solving, material science, and design methods to each project he’s involved with and is always looking forward to “the next one.” Jack has been racing sailboats for over 15 years, and loves living in a community that celebrates outdoor stewardship and recreation.

Yonk Reinemer


Prior to joining the Ecotech team, Yonk completed coursework and on-site training in solar PV design and installation at Solar Energy International’s renowned training and certification campus in Paonia, CO. Yonk has a masters degree in teaching and spent several years teaching high school science in Washington State public schools, before transitioning to the renewable energy field. He has enjoyed applying his scientific curiosity and love of people to a career in renewables as a journeyman electrician. Yonk can regularly be heard serenading our team with improvised birthday raps, or found instructing his young son about how to approach life “tactically.”

Andy Schene

PROJECT TEAM LEAD | with Ecotech since 2022

A lot of folks in town know Andy from his previous role as a City of Bellingham building inspector. We hired Andy on as our project manager shortly after Ecotech installed a system on his home in the spring of ‘22. He brings an intimate understanding of building code and construction to Ecotech that lends itself well to working with local builders, homeowners, and business owners. Andy was raised in Whatcom County and studied Environmental Science & Resource Management at the University of Washington. He and Kelsey (his highschool sweetheart) have two awesome kids and a deep, homegrown appreciation for this community. One last thing: Andy has a depth of boating experience–and some entertaining stories from the high seas–that makes for some pretty good conversation!

Angela Sullivan

PV DESIGNER | with Ecotech since 2023

Angela, who goes by Angela, moved to Bellingham to attend Western Washington University… and stayed for the people!! For the last six years, Angela was a program director at a non-profit organization that utilizes a small farm, sustainable agriculture setting as a space for military veterans to process, heal, and grow. Her prior life experience and background are varied and exciting, including stints as a cook at a horse camp and an aquatic invasive species inspector, among other interesting endeavors. Her focus through each professional opportunity has been to create a more positive and sustainable future for her local community. Angela believes that solar is an important piece of the puzzle for our shared sustainable future, and we couldn’t agree more. She has an infectiously positive personality, and a tenacious intellectual curiosity, consistently seeking out opportunities to deepen her knowledge of solar design and install best practices. She resides in Skagit County with her two children, partner, and dog, where you’ll find her tending chickens, trying out new recipes from around the world, utilizing permaculture in her home garden, or working on remodeling their house!

Amanda Webber

SALES & PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR | with Ecotech since 2022

Amanda started working with us in June of 2022 after moving to Washington from Connecticut, and working a winter at the Mt. Baker ski area. Amanda has a degree in Business Administration, and puts it to good use as our front line administrator. She’s likely the first smiling face (or voice) you’ll be greeted by if you get in touch with us to begin your solar journey. Amanda’s efficiency, organization, and attention to detail keep the quickly growing wave of interest in solar and storage a rideable one for the rest of the office, and we’re so lucky she’s a part of the team. When not administering everything at Ecotech HQ, Amanda is an keen outdoor adventurer, multi-modal crafter, excellent baker, and brings joy to planning and throwing memorable parties!

Hannah Walters

PV INSTALLER | with Ecotech since 2022

Hannah came to the Pacific Northwest from the east coast after hearing (on repeat) how amazing the area is. Having now lived for several years on the “best” coast, Hannah is still happy with her decision and we’re excited to have her onboard! Before joining Ecotech, Hannah worked seasonally in outdoor education & recreation therapy, and also worked as an EMT for a few years. She spent a year living in her van and traveling across the US with her husband Dan. Hannah was a great asset in her first year with Ecotech, helping bring structure to our warehouse systems, and supporting service operations, and is now expanding her knowledgebase as a PV Installer. Just like all of us on staff, Hannah likes to spend time outside and specifically enjoys running, biking, skiing, and playing pickleball. She also loves a good game of cribbage, which presents a great opportunity for both Pete and Riley to be humbled as they all perfect the art of one of the world’s greatest card games.

John Wilkins


An original member of the Ecotech team, John’s experience in solar goes back to Utah in the mid-1980s, when he helped his father install solar hot water systems as part of the family business. John’s veteran leadership and deep understanding of the mechanics of solar are invaluable to the team. In 2014 John took lead in an off-grid solar project at an orphanage in Haiti (see our portfolio for some photos from this adventure). John is passionate about building a more sustainable community and particularly enjoys the role Ecotech plays as a small, locally-owned business. When not installing solar, John can be found ski patrolling at the Mt. Baker Ski Area or in the middle of a fun outdoor adventure with his wife and three kids.