Tesla Powerwall

Never be left in the dark with Powerwall – the cutting edge battery backup solution from Tesla. This state-of-the art lithium ion battery and gateway package automatically detects grid outages and seamlessly provides backup power for lights, appliances, electronics, and critical loads. Ecotech Solar is proud to be the first and only certified Tesla Powerwall installer north of Seattle.

Powerwall Benefits

  • backup – reliable backup power for your home or business without the noise, maintenance or pollution of a standard generator
  • control – manage your solar PV generation, storage, and usage wherever you are from the intuitive Tesla mobile app
  • solar PV – seamless integration with your new or existing solar PV system, Powerwall can store your solar energy to be used on-demand during a grid outage or for your normal nighttime electricity consumption needs

Powerwall FAQs

Q: Is my home right for Powerwall?
A: If you have experienced grid outages at your home, or if you’re interested in improving the resilience of your home with a premium battery backup solution, Powerwall could be a great fit for you.

Q: I already have solar, can the Powerwall be added to my existing system?
A: Yes, the great thing about Powerwall and unlike other solar battery back-up solutions is that it can be easily integrated into an existing solar electric system without the need to replace your current grid-interactive inverter.

Q: How long will one Powerwall run my house during an outage? Do I need multiple Powerwalls?
A: It depends on what you want to power, and for how long. Our expert designers will work with you to evaluate your specific needs and design a custom Powerwall configuration that is right for your home.

Q: How does Powerwall integrate with my existing electrical system?
A: Powerwall can be set up to backfeed your existing main house electrical panel, or it can serve a smaller sub panel to provide power to only specific critical circuits and appliances in your home. Our designers can help to determine the best method of interconnection for your home.

Q: Do I need to have solar panels for Powerwall to work?
A: No. You can use AC power from the utility grid to charge Powerwall. That said, we strongly recommend solar panels along with Powerwall in order to recharge Powerwall during extended grid outages, and to make the most of available incentives.

Q: Why is Powerwall better than a generator?
A: Unlike a generator, Powerwall can be recharged from solar – an infinite resource. This means there’s no need to worry about how much fuel you have on-hand when the power goes out, or mess with refilling your generator to keep the lights on. No noise or maintenance concerns either. Also, Powerwall automatically keeps your backed-up loads running when the power goes out, unlike a generator with a manual transfer switch.

Q: How do I monitor and control Powerwall?
A: Powerwall can be monitored and controlled from a sleek, easy-to-use mobile app on your smartphone. Our designers would be happy to show you a demo of the app and its functionality.

Q: Do I need any other equipment for Powerwall to work?
A: At minimum you will need at Tesla Backup Gateway, to manage and monitor your Powerwall. Depending on your specific configuration, additional equipment may be required.

Q: Can I get a tax credit on Powerwall?
A: Yes! If Powerwall is installed at a site with a new or existing solar PV system, the cost of materials and labor to install Powerwall qualifies for the Federal Investment Tax Credit.

Q: Are there good loan options for Powerwall?
A: Absolutely. Find out more about financing options at https://ecotechsolar.com/going-solar/financing