Connect Your Wireless-Capable SMA Inverter to Wi-Fi

Did you get a new internet service provider or change your Wi-Fi password? Follow these instructions to get your SMA solar system back online!


To connect your SMA inverter to a new or existing internet connection you’ll need a smartphone or laptop within 10 feet of your inverter. If you scan for WiFi networks nearby, you’ll see a WiFi network called “SMA##########”, named with your inverter serial number. It’s password is 16 characters, and can be found on a label on the lower right side of the inverter that says WPA2-PSK (circled below in orange).

Tip: Once you’re connected to the inverter’s WiFi, this helpful video shows each step listed below:

We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser and open an “Incognito Window” to login to your inverter. Type in the web address, and don’t be alarmed by a security screen that appears, looking like this (it’s completely normal):

Click “advanced“, and “Proceed to“. You’ll come to a login screen for your Sunny Boy inverter. Use the user group “User“, and the password provided to you by Ecotech Solar service (contact us if you haven’t already!)

Now you can select the menu icon (three lines in the top right), and select “device parameters”, then “edit all” (or “edit parameters”) at the top level of the screen. Scroll down to ”System Communication” > ”WiFi” (or “WLAN”) > ”Security”, and here you can enter the network name and password. Don’t forget to scroll all the way back to the top and select “Save all” when you’re done!

If you want confirmation that the settings have been received, wait about 10 minutes, and walk over to you inverter, and notice the blue LED has lit up solid next to the small display. Give the screen a firm knock, like a knock on a front door, and you’ll notice the display illuminate. Each time you knock the screen, it takes you to a new set of information. After 5 knocks, you’ll see a screen that says “SSID” and “RSSI“. This should now show your network name, and signal strength of 0-100%.

Still not connecting? Contact Ecotech Solar service and let us help.