Update Your Wi-Fi Booster’s Password

Some Ecotech Solar systems use a Wi-Fi booster to connect to the internet, including many SMA Inverters installed from late-2022-2024. This article will explain how to re-connect one in case you change your main Wi-Fi’s password, or get new internet service altogether.

Before you Start…

You will need a phone or tablet to update the password. First thing to do is download the TP-Link Tether app (for iPhone or Android) to guide you through the process. Note: you will need to create a TP-Link ID (for free) to use this app


  1. Walk over to within about 15ft of your Wi-Fi booster (some SMA-inverter customers have the booster installed inside their inverter)
  2. Open your WiFi settings on your phone or tablet, and look for one of these network names:
    • Ecotech-Solar
    • YourHomeWiFi_EXT
  3. In either case, the password will be your old WiFi password. It may take time to connect – patience is key!
    • If you do not know your old password, ask Ecotech Service for instructions on how to hard reset your booster.
    • Also, please note your device will likely alert you that there is “No Internet Connection, don’t worry this is what we’ll fix in the next few steps!
  1. Open the Tether app. You should see an option appear under “Local Device” – select it. If nothing appears, check and make sure you are still connected to the Ecotech-Solar or YourHomeWiFi_EXT network.
  1. Select the Tools menu, and select “Main Network
  1. At the bottom, choose “Reselect Main Network
  1. The next screen will list nearby WiFi networks – choose yours and enter the new WiFi password. Once this is saved, your booster will be online, and will use the new WiFi password from now on.
  2. That’s all there is to it!

Still not working? Contact Ecotech Solar service and let us help.