SMA Launches the new “EnnexOS” Monitoring Website

Solar Systems with SMA-brand "SunnyBoy" Inverters are getting a new website to check daily production! Read this article to learn the details of the newest iteration of the SunnyPortal website, now called EnnexOS SunnyPortal! 

Please note that monitoring your system does not affect the system's power production.


For years, premier solar inverter manufacturer SMA has offered its monitoring website, Sunny Portal “Classic”, and over time it has proven to be a reliable platform, but the design is pretty out-of-date. Many customers (and installers) wished more advanced insights were available, and finally our wait is over. An all-new website with updated aesthetics and functions is now available, at EnnexOS SunnyPortal. Here’s what you need to know!

When and How

Starting October 16th, 2023, SMA automatically migrated solar systems with SunnyBoy-series inverters from the old website to the new EnnexOS platform. For at least two weeks, both sites received reports of production data from your solar system. After November 15th, only EnnexOS received new electrical production data.

Fortunately, the same email and password are used to login to either website, so you do not need to create any new logins!

What’s New

The biggest changes with EnnexOS are aesthetic – an updated design and modern look that matches what you may already be familiar with in the SMA Energy app. The layout is grouped into several sections, with a useful Dashboard displaying an overview of system health and performance; a Monitoring page with a large graph of energy generation by day, week, month, or year; and the Analysis section that (finally!) gives you access to advanced details of every aspect of the inverter’s electrical characteristics: voltage, current, watts, frequency, resistance, and more…for those of us who want the technical information!

Details & FAQ

  • EnnexOS will receive 60 days of historical production. You will still be able to access Sunny Portal Classic to look at older production.
  • This website change does not affect SMA’s mobile app, SMA Energy, in any way.
  • Your monthly production reports and error notifications will be disabled in the old Sunny Portal, and enabled through the EnnexOS Sunny Portal website. Essentially – you’ll get the same information, but from a different source.
  • Certain customers have had panel-level monitoring accessible through Sunny Portal “classic”, with special equipment made by Tigo Energy. This will not be available in EnnexOS, but Ecotech’s support team can help you gain access to this through another website, Contact Us if you have questions or need help setting this up!

What if my system is offline?

Some homeowners naturally may have changed their WiFi password, or gotten a new internet provider. If this is the case, use Ecotech’s handy guide to reconnect your SMA inverter to the internet, to take full advantage of the new EnnexOS Sunny Portal platform.

As always, feel free to Contact Ecotech if you have any questions or concerns!