Connect Your LG System to Wi-Fi

Did you get a new internet service provider or change your Wi-Fi password? Follow these instructions to get your LG solar system back online!


To update the Wi-Fi password on your LG system, go to your Enerbox, and flip down the white plastic panel on the side. Press the “WPS/AP” button, and notice the LED that says “Mobile S-Meter” turn amber.

 On your smartphone or laptop, go to Wi-Fi settings and connect to a network named Enerbox_####, with the password “87654321

The open a web browser and navigate to the web address, “

Select “WLAN“, and locate your network in the list. Enter your password, and after a couple of minutes you should be connected. Check the four indicator lights on the side of the Enerbox, and your “Internet” light should be illuminated green (note that your “Inverter” light should also be illuminated). This means your device is now online!

Still not connecting? Contact Ecotech Solar service and let us help.