Connect your SMA Nano Router to WiFi

Some SMA Solar Inverters use a small wireless device, called a TP-Link Nano router, to connect to the internet. You may have noticed that your home has two Wi-Fi networks, your “Home Wi-Fi Network” that you normally use, and second labeled “Home Wi-Fi Network_Ext”. The latter network is connected to the TP-Link Nano router, and your solar system.

If you get a new internet service, replace your router, or even simply change your password, this “_Ext” network will lose its connection. Follow these instructions to get your SMA solar system equipped with TP-Link Nano Router back online!


To reconnect your solar system to a new or existing internet connection you’ll need a smartphone or laptop somewhat close to the inverter. Connect to the network ending in “_Ext” using the old password that you used to have. Your smartphone or laptop may alert you that it is not connected to the internet, disregard that message.

Open a web browser (we recommend using Google Chrome) and enter “”. The page below will appear, and you can login using the password provided to you by Ecotech Solar service (contact us if you haven’t!)

From the home screen, select “Quick Setup” in the top left corner:

Select “Next” on the Start screen:

Choose Range Extender and select “Next”

A list of “AP”s will scan, and you’ll see your network name in the list. On the far right, select “Connect“. Make sure you pick the correct network! Your network might appear anywhere in the list.

On this screen, enter your WiFi password in the Password field, and select “Customize” under Wireless Name of Range Extender. Select “Next

On the Network Setting page, select “Next

On the last page, select “Finished“, and after a loading bar to 100%, you’re all done! Your inverter will automatically re-connect to the internet, and no further steps are necessary.

Still not connecting? Contact Ecotech Solar service and let us help.