Connect your SMA Solar Inverter with TP-Link to WiFi

Some SMA Solar Inverters installed between 2022-2023 use a TP-Link wireless device to connect to the internet. You may have noticed that your home has two Wi-Fi networks, your “Your Wi-Fi Network” that you normally use, and second labeled “Your Wi-Fi Network_EXT” or “Ecotech Solar”. The latter network is broadcasted by the TP-Link device, and connected to your solar system.

If you get a new internet service, replace your router, or even simply change your password, this second network will lose its connection. Follow these instructions to get your SMA solar system equipped with TP-Link devices back online!

Getting Ready

Before we start, download the TP-Link Tether app, found here:

For iPhone:

For Android:

We recommend opening this app and creating an account (TP Link ID) to use the software.


To reconnect your solar system to a new or existing internet connection you’ll need a smartphone or laptop within 10 feet of the inverter. Connect to the network ending in “_EXT” ( or named Ecotech Solar) using the old WiFi password that you used to have. Your smartphone or laptop may alert you that it is not connected to the internet, disregard that message for now.

Open the Tether App, and select the device (usually named “RE220”) that appears under Local Devices.

You can now login using the password provided to you by Ecotech Solar service (contact us if you haven’t!)

Select the “Tools” icon in the bottom right side of the screen, and then select “Main Network”

Select “Reselect Main Network” at the bottom of the screen, and pick your new WiFi network from the list that appears. Carefully enter your password, avoiding typos!

Choose “Location Looks Good” and “Done”

Your system should connect to the internet, and after about 15 minutes, you should see live production data from the “SMA Energy” app and If this does not occur, we recommend power cycling your Solar System. For instructions to accomplish this, see “Power Cycling Your Solar System”.

Still not connecting? Contact Ecotech Solar service and let us help.